New York, New York

Remembering Shanghai launched on Amazon on May 1, creating the impetus for the New York Book Tour – a wonderful whirl of events to share Remembering Shanghai with New York area readers, and friends old and new! It takes a village and a lot of hard work to stage these events. Please, if you haven’t done so already, leave a review for us on Amazon, goodreads or your social media – it’s truly important and every post helps.

Recipe for a fun, fabulous New York Book Tour:

Prepare: Six beds over 18 days

Ingredients: Exquisite settings

1 chic midtown Manhattan contemporary Chinese loft

1 spectacular Grill (formerly Four Seasons)

1 elegant Tudor Revival mansion and garden in Bronxville

1 Great Princeton Class of 1983 Reunion and talk at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Stir until well mixed: incredible hosts, old friends, relatives, a generous sprinkling of literati glitterati and a village of wonderful helpers.