Remembering Shanghai is the winner of 29 literary and design awards from 18 organizations, including the Writer’s Digest Grand Prize and the Rubery Book Award Book of the Year

“This book is beautiful! The blend of photographs and illustrations transports the reader to that land and era, immersing you in the story’s many facets. Very well done. I can’t even count the number of instances where the sensory description took my breath away: sparkling, multi-layered descriptions became real. In the middle of a wide-reaching cast, we get crystal clear voices of our main characters, in dialogue that reaches great emotion, great depth, excitement and understanding. Illuminating details and a lovely walk through culture, family and personal evolution, always with gorgeous settings and realism in voice and story.”

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“A vivid portrait of decadent Shanghai … recreating a Chinese world that no longer exists, bursting with endless tiny details, a work of art in itself … driven by compelling storytelling and packed with fascinating details.”

Rubery Book Award

“A masterpiece of storytelling and research.”

Indie Reader Discovery Awards

“The prose sparkles with a professional polish, amusing anecdotes, enchanting descriptions of a lost world, and some winning deadpan humor. What’s most compelling here is the sense of being invited into the family’s world.”

The BookLife Prize

“A thoroughly immersive experience that fully engages the imagination … and touches the heart, especially in those moments when an unexpected bridge between generations suddenly comes to light. Isabel excels and delights with her lively remembrances. Claire’s contribution adds depth and perspective, filling out the shadows of the past through meticulous research. A valuable guide to anyone who wishes to explore China’s past and culture.”

Readers’ Favorite Award Contest

“The perfect combination of historical fiction, memoir and novel. Adding great flavor are the cultural sidebars that present topics such as foot-binding, birth order importance and the art of mahjong to name a few. An extraordinary effort to present a significant piece of Chinese history that also tells a captivating personal tale. Its authors devoted a great deal of time to hone their masterpiece and it shows.”

Reader Views Literary Awards

Grand Prize
Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Book of the Year
Non-Fiction Winner

Rubery Book Award

Book of the Year 2nd Place
Outstanding Memoir

Independent Author Network

Non-Fiction Winner
Indie Reader Discovery Award

Best First Book
Best E-Book Design
Cover Design 2nd Place

IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards

Memoir Winner
Global Award Winner

Reader Views Literary Awards

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Best Memoir
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Memoir Winner
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Grand Prize Finalist
Culture 2nd Place
First Horizon Award Finalist

Eric Hoffer Award

Non-Fiction Historical 2nd Place
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Historical Non-Fiction Finalist
Memoir Finalist
Best Cover Design Non-Fiction

Next Generation Indie Awards

Memoir Finalist
Sarton Women’s Book Awards

Book Cover Design Non-Fiction Finalist
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Best Interior Design Finalist
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Claire in New York City in 2019 receiving three IPPY awards at the Copacabana: “I wasn’t going to receive any medals by swimming in the Olympics!”