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Isabel’s Childhood Home

We have no surviving photos of the Sun family’s Shanghai home as Isabel knew it. Though the 1930s structure still stands and has a fresh coat of exterior paint, the interior is depressingly dilapidated. Read More

Princeton University

Remembering Shanghai’s New York book launch just happened to coincide with my 35th Princeton reunion, so it was especially meaningful to give this talk at my reunion, alongside a display of the very paintings that I studied for my senior thesis! Read More

New York, New York

Remembering Shanghai launched on Amazon on May 1, creating the impetus for the New York Book Tour – a wonderful whirl of events to share Remembering Shanghai with New York area readers, and friends old and new! Read More

Shanghai 3: Historic Shanghai

A few days after our presentation at the Shanghai International Literary Festival, we took a tour of Historic Shanghai on a superb bus and walking tour of Mom’s childhood places from Remembering Shanghai. Read More

Shanghai 2: Middle House

Our Shanghai visit was even more wonderful thanks to a lovely stay at Middle House. The hotel is gifting our books to their special guests. Phew—hand-inscribed, signed, sealed and delivered hundreds of them. Read More

Shanghai 1: International Lit Fest

A decade ago, I had no idea I’d be taking this amazing journey with my mother, exploring five generations of our family over a 200-year sweep of Chinese history. Read More

Hong Kong Book Preview

Nearly 300 of Hong Kong’s literati glitterati celebrated Remembering Shanghai at the beautiful Country Club in Deep Water Bay, consuming 24 Peking ducks and a variety of regional delicacies. Read More